Gary Bowlin, P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer

Hired right after college graduation, Gary has been employed by EHM Engineers, Inc. since May 17, 1982. He has over 30 years of consulting design, inspection and evaluation, civil and structural engineering experience on buildings, bridges and other structures. Typical projects Gary works on include multi story commercial and industrial buildings, multiple span steel, wood, concrete and prestressed concrete bridges, towers, silos, tanks, churches and residential structures.

Gary has expertise in complete construction engineering designs of forms, falsework, cofferdam designs and crane lifting analysis. He completes the design, inspection and evaluation of all steel, wood, concrete and masonry structures. He also has extensive experience in the design of concrete spread footings and deep steel pile foundations.

Education: Bachelors of Science in General Engineering from Idaho State University, 1982

Professional Registrations: Structural Engineer Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming; Civil Engineer Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and California

EHM Employee Since: May 17, 1982

Brian Martens, P.E.

Brian has been employed with EHM Engineers, Inc. since 1995. Brian directs the structural design department for the Twin Falls Office as well as performing foundation, building, bridge and roadway designs. Recent projects completed include the concrete foundation design for the one million square foot Agro Farma project in Twin Falls, ID. Prior experience included five years as a cost and scheduling engineer for Idaho Power on two multi-million dollar hydroelectric projects.

Education: B.S. General Engineering, Idaho State University - 1990

Professional Affiliations: Erosion and Sediment Control - Plan Engineer - City of Boise

Professional Registrations: Professional Engineer - Idaho

EHM Employee Since: 1995

David Thibault, P.E.
Principal Engineer

David has been employed with EHM Engineers, Inc. since 1997. His responsibilities include structural design of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, geotechnical investigations, and project management. David has completed safety inspection for hundreds of in-service bridges for the State of Idaho. His experience includes 8 years of active involvement in the construction industry.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Idaho State University 2007

Professional Certifications: Bridge Inspection Team Leader - FHWA - NHI

Professional Affiliations: American Society of Civil Engineers

Professional Registrations: Professional Engineer Idaho & Montana

EHM Employee Since: 1997

Bryce Marsh, E.I.T.
Project Engineer

Bryce has been employed with EHM Engineers, Inc. since January of 2015. He has provided technical expertise in design of civil engineering projects including roadway, water, wastewater, soil, and environmental due diligence. During this time, his responsibilities include professional engineering plans and specifications, which include reports for civil and environmental projects. Bryce has continued to learn and diversify his technical expertise to include computer automated drafting, safety inspections for in-service bridges for the State of Idaho, flood elevation certificates, traffic impact analysis, and quality control and quality assurance. Other noteworthy qualities include his ability to provide client services through various agency permitting and project management.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Idaho State University- 2014

Professional Certifications: Bridge Inspection of In-Service Bridges - FHWA - NHI - 130055 - 2016;
Flood Plain Administrator Workshop-2016

Professional Registrations: Idaho State Board of Professional Engineers- Engineering Intern

EHM Employee Since: 2015

Kahler Nield, E.I.T.
Project Engineer

Kahler joined EHM Engineers, Inc. on May 1, 2014 after graduating from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in structural engineering. Kahler's primary responsibilities include structural design of residential, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. He has experience in timber, steel, concrete and masonry structures. He has 5 years of experience in the construction industry. Kahler assists in the inspection of in-service bridges for the Idaho Transportation Department on local roadways.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University-2014

Professional Certifications: Engineer in Training, FHWA-NHI-13005 Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges

EHM Employee Since: 2014